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Welcome to Hunt Estate Sale’s “Scrapbook”!

We’re going to use this platform to share relevant news, articles, tips and expert advise on anything and everything estate sale. Questions? Let us know! We’ll answer them right here.

If you’re a treasure hunter, bargain hunter, re-seller, dealer or history buff you’ve likely been to an estate sale and we welcome your input and comments!

If you’re thinking about having and estate sale this may be a once in a lifetime experience and we want to introduce you to the process and why Hunt Estate Sales is the right company for you!

Photo by Bill Brett

Maggie Hunt, Owner of Hunt Estate Sales with The Boston Children’s Chorus performing at the Building Liquidation sale of Steinert and Sons in April, 2017

Photo by Bill Brett of the Boston Globe

Let’s focus our first post on pianos. We stick by the rule of thumb “the larger it is the harder it is to sell” and if you’ve tried to sell, donate or pass down your piano recently you can understand my sentiment.

After you hire Hunt Estate Sales we hit the ground running focusing first on those tough to sell items. Our direct advertising enables us to reach specific buyers. It’s accurate to note that, except for a few “hot ticket” items, there’s likely only one buyer out there for each item and we know how to find them! We use social media to boost interest by tagging individual items making them searchable to a worldwide audience. Did you know that Hunt Estate Sales has the largest social media following of any Estate Sale company in MA? Follow us to stay up to date with our #treasurehunt! Tag your #estatesalefinds with #happyhunting!

Read the story of our recent sale event at Steinert and Sons where we sucessfully sold over a dozen of acoustic pianos over our two day sale event.

Baby Grand Pianos

The historic building at 162 Boylston Street, the anchor of Boston’s “Piano Row”, has been the home of M. Steinert and Sons for over 100 years. Hunt Estate Sales was hired to liquidate the building’s contents as, after our sale, much needed renovations will commence including a plan to bring back Steinert Hall, the subterranean concert, to it’s original splendor.

Katheleen Conti of the Boston Globe had the exclusive on our historic sale event!
CBS picked up the story and ran it on the radio and the 6 o’clock news!

The news coverage encouraged many shoppers to attend their first estate sale. We received many phone calls, text and emails leading up to the event! It is our policy to answer each and every inquiry.  A phone call from Georgia lead  to the sale of eight Steinway pianos. 

The line starts HERE!
Line ’em up! Photo by Bill Brett

Patience is a virtue at an estate sale when you’re shopping and when you’re the boss.

The line to gain entrance can get long but it’s important to note that crowd control is a factor in preventing damage to the home or items offered for sale, personal injury and theft.

The wait at check out can get lengthy! We expedite check out by offering a cash only line, processing large item and bulk lot purchases at our designated hold areas. It’s important to us at Hunt Estate Sales to look up from the check out book and thank each buyer individually. 

Happy Hunting! Photos by Lillian Graham

We have a photographer onsite for our sale events. We open a magical portal at a sale event where we are able to find new forever homes for items that are available for sale. Your family heirlooms, or that gift you got that you never used, gain a new life in someone else’s possession. As the world leans towards a “throw away society” we find respite in extending the life of those items we sell.

Each and every sale is a treasure hunt! Our job is to comb the home for items of value, interest or oddity and show each in their best light in our advertisements. The photograph below is of a 250 pound cast iron piano plate. It’s safe to say most would look at this as a burden, too heavy and awkward to hold any value, but with the proper framing we were able to sell three to a women in Rockport for a “wave-like” yard art installation and the one below got carted off in an Uber!

They called and Uber!

We can’t help but to call each of our Estate Sale events a miracle. We are tasked with introducing history to the future. It’s not an easy! Take note that Steinert and Son’s hosted their own liquidation event complete with press and deep discounts. Our sale event brought droves of new buyers because our marketing reached a different and nationwide demographic of buyers interested in BOTH the curiosities AND pianos. Here are some of the miracles we witnessed on “Piano Row” :

Purchased by the Piano Museum in Hopkinton, MA

The Piano Museum in Hopkinton purchased the lot of Steinert and Son’s advertising scrapbooks dating back to the early 1900’s. The museum has begun to scan the collection for their archives and after preservation they will be a featured exhibit and on permanent collection.

Sold to Stanford University!

Co-Owner Jim Hobbs, a world renowned Jazz saxophonist, reached out to a contact at Stanford University.  A selection of the collection we had available for sale will become a part of the Player Piano Project.

“Interest in the player piano at Stanford grew out of a series of symposia, Reactions to the Record, which explored the connection between sound recordings and the study of historical performance practice. A number of participants in the symposia made important discoveries with piano rolls, many of which remain in private collections or are difficult to access in museums and libraries. This served to highlight that piano rolls are a largely untapped primary resource for the study of performance practice, and that a program to collect and study piano rolls, and make them more easily accessible was needed.”

Photo of The Boston Children’s Chorus by Bill Brett

After a marathon set up we transformed one of Boston’s iconic buildings into a showroom, unlike the humidor-like halls that had previously housed five figure Steinway pianos, for the celebration of the past and advancement of the future. Steinert and Sons generously donated the proceeds of the sale event to The Boston’s Children’s Chorus and our patrons were lucky to have them perform opening day of our sale. The moment the voices of the Boston Children’s Chorus shopping stopped and I became overwhelmed with emotion:

“Here we are in a space that represents 120 years of Boston’s music history, with the future of Boston music,” Maggie Hunt, Hunt Estate Sales as quoted by Bill Brett of the Boston Globe

It’s echoing in here!

We judge our success by the echo in the halls yet there’s always items remaining after our sales effort. Choose Hunt Estate Sales and know that we’re here to support you until the home is broom clean and the keys are handed to the new owner.

We’re very excited to chronicle our journey here on our blog! We’ll title it “Scrapbook” in homage to the Murphy family who gave us the opportunity to join in their efforts in a great rightsize and relocation and it will be told via found history, relevant news articles, appraisals and questions from you.

-Maggie and Jim


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