Stretchmate Series 700

Stretchmate Series 700


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Stretching difference with StretchMate, StretchMate features a web-like pattern of flexible cords with self-adjusting tension which provide optimal resistance for everyone across a full range of motion. This is called a “forgiving effect” which means that the force you apply goes into the cord and not into your joints. Thus, you can control where and how much you stretch and you can stretch places that would be impossible otherwise. In less than ten minutes, you can perform six basic stretches covering all the larger muscle groups. The result is an easy, safe and highly effective flexibility program for individuals ranging from young to old, de-conditioned to fit, and recreational athlete to the elite professional. 78" x 72" x 48" Good condition.

Event Information

Name: STACKED! 12000 sq/ft in Weston!
Location: Boston MA
Fulfillment: Complimentary Curbside Loading at Michael’s Movers on Saturday June 15th


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