Miss Suzie’s Rent Party by Joseph “P-Nut” Johnson, Acrylic on Canvas

Miss Suzie’s Rent Party by Joseph “P-Nut” Johnson, Acrylic on Canvas


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P-Nut, born and raised in Charleston, S.C., has seen the city through devastating lows and unbelievable highs with his style of Lowcountry Love. His paintings, on cardboard and canvas, document Charleston’s history. Some paintings are accompanied by his poems. At 16, he began writing poems on napkins at popular Ansonborough watering holes like Cumberland’s Bar and Horse & Court. He captured people instantly with his humor and insight and soon enough, had visitors stopping by the bars just to get a poem from the “Lowcountry Poet.” After a few memorable years in New York, rubbing shoulders with famous comedians and performing some of his own stand-up comedy, P-Nut returned to Charleston to care for his mother. In 2017, he launched a new career in the visual arts. His folk-napkin poetry seamlessly translates into narrative paintings full of spontaneity and life. Frame: 37" x 25". Good condition.

Event Information

Name: The Eye of the Beholder!
Location: South Boston MA
Fulfillment: Complimentary Curbside Loading at Michaels Movers in Allston MA Saturday October 7th


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