Jacques Martin-Ferrières (French, 1893-1972), Les Pivoines Blanches, 1925

Jacques Martin-Ferrières (French, 1893-1972), Les Pivoines Blanches, 1925


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In 2020 two French galleries teamed up to present a massive retrospective of Jacques Martin-Ferrières (1892–1973), the son of Post-Impressionist Henri Jean Guillaume Martin (1860–1943). Martin-Ferrières, whose work has sold for as much as $72,000 at auction, according to the Artnet Price Database, trained with his father before studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, developing a style featuring heavy impasto. He fought for the French resistance during World War II, resuming his artistic efforts in peacetime even after the loss of an eye as prisoner of war. Although he won several honors during his lifetime, his work was neglected for many years before Paris’s Galerie Market honored him with a solo show, “Voyages,” in 2014. “During his life, Martin-Ferrières had some solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries in France and abroad, but since his death, he has been quite unfairly forgotten,” Alexis Pentcheff told Artnet News. Provenance Galerie Dominion, Montreal. Les Pivoines Blanches, or White Peonies. Frame: 31" x 27", sight: 25" x 21". Good condition.

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Name: The Eye of the Beholder!
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