Day and Night, Bust by Kostas Paniaras (20th Century, Greek)

Day and Night, Bust by Kostas Paniaras (20th Century, Greek)


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Kostas Paniaras was born in 1934 in Kiato, Corinthia, and died in 2014 in Athens. In his ‘Day and Night’ (1979-1987) series he used two basic colours, red and blue, and emphasized their basic contracts with mythical, dramatic interventions of gold and silver. As a Greek artist, Kostas Paniaras strives to deal with a prodigiously large cultural heritage, the burden of a long past. His works have as their starting-point the often abused plaster copies of symbols of antiquity; yet he also begins with authentic museum exhibits. He indiscriminately insinuates himself in all of these: he overpaints them, bisects them, multiplies them. He renders clear, discernible, and recognizable the theme of historical memory and its consequences. Signed "Day and Night" Paniaras. 3" x 4". Good condition.

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