Colleen Browning (Irish/American, 1918-2003) Lithograph, Mysterious Veils, 1969

Colleen Browning (Irish/American, 1918-2003) Lithograph, Mysterious Veils, 1969


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Browning was an Irish-American artist born in 1918 in Shoeburyness, England. She worked as a mapmaker for the Royal Air Force during WWII before working as a set designer for film studios. In 1949, she immigrated to the United States, where, among Browning's commercial jobs were magazine advertisements for a variety of products ranging from deodorant to diamond jewelry. Despite her considerable talent as an illustrator and printmaker, post 1970 Browning exclusively painted. Her paintings reflect her interests in mystery and paradox. "I am very lucky to be an artist. I can make windows into a transformed world where the mundane becomes magical in an illuminated moment." Edition of 100, signed in pencil. Provenance Kennedy Galleries. INC. Framed, 28" x 33 1/2"; site: 24 x 30 1/2". Price includes the magazine, where this piece is the cover, for the exhibition.

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Name: Leather District Loft!
Location: Boston MA
Fulfillment: Complimentary Curbside Loading at Michael’s Movers on Saturday June 15th


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