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We shared over ten thousand pictures in 2019 and we’ve noticed that you LOVE our sandwich posts.

You fanatics crave what’s not for sale, I don’t blame you, so here’s our year in review and your free lunch!

We’re always on the road, spending more time in someone else’s house than our own, and we eat out a lot. When setting up events we make sure to find local spots to eat but on sale days there’s no time to go out or manage a takeout order. Our solution is to provide lunch. Jim’s predawn creations are of epic proportions. The staff’s favorite is a classic Italian. My personal favorite is chicken salad on croissant. You seem to like them all!

We kicked off the year with a two day event that brought a snow storm, dealers, diggers and Paramount Pictures.

Treasure hunting with a semi-trailer truck is like going to work with a bag lunch. 

Our lunch works for us. It’s fuel to power through a work day that’s like Black Friday, everyday.

Before we hit the road for an event Jim makes an average of ten sandwiches. Have you ever used a mandoline before dawn?

It’s a novel idea, slices can be thin, and be made very quickly, with significantly less skill and effort than would be required if cutting with a knife. Before you know it you’ve sliced the tip of your finger off. 

This posh Lexington home inspired staff meals in the Spring.

Architecture is important, whether you’re building a home or a sandwich.

The material should be high quality and great enough to stand on it’s own. The palate should be fresh.


Jim makes our bagged lunches special by adding layers to the quintessential lunch. Instead of lettuce Jim chose to use watercress, arugula, bib lettuce and avocado.  That’s just as impressive as these before and after pictures.

A picnic is the most remarkable wonder of Summer.

Or maybe it’s returning to the central A.C. after said picnic. The hottest weekend of the year we hosted two sale events. We gave away over a hundred bottles of water to our shoppers – I think they would have preferred the picnic lunch.


In the fall we lined up both packed houses and packed lunches.

Julia Child says, “there’s no end to imagination in the kitchen” and we couldn’t agree more.

Jim advises to start with the best bread you can buy. Don’t get sliced bread, slice it yourself, or go with brioche, onion roll or croissant.

Then fill it to your taste using layers to create a moisture barrier.

He warns that adding too many ingredients can detract from the experience. No one likes a soggy sandwich.

Dedication to quality, careful attention to detail and an understanding of balance is what makes a good sandwich (and a good business).

We had a full plate in 2019.

In November, when we were slammed, Jim introduced this epic layered combination of Italian meats, mozzarella, provolone, peppadew peppers, olive salad and arugula, originating in New Orleans, known as a Muffaletta.

Symbolically and literally we all ate from the same loaf. This sandwich invigorated our team, brought us together, and satisfied everyone’s need to feel rewarded for a job well done.

In review 2019 was sandwiched between two historic homes – and there’s no question that we were well fed and cleared house.

When there’s a fork in the road, we put down the fork and find a sandwich.

Our real life treasure hunt continues in January, 2020!

Lincoln, MA

The Ritz Carlton Residences


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