Horseman, Oil on Linen, Samuel G, 2001

$1,650.00 $825.00

From the artist: I, Samuel G. was born in Armenia, where the sun carves the contrasts, where lazure of the sky blends with the yellow Earth, and clouds like dancing menades embrace the old mountains. I am not certain what made me take brushes and paint. Maybe life itself, maybe surrounding majestic landscapes, or maybe the great Rembrandt, Giotto and Durer, but by the will of fate I became a painter. And so, possessed by great desire and fate I entered my Air Ship of Fortune to see and perceive the Perfection and great achievements of the Masters who remain in Eternity. My flying wanderings passed through the Archaic World of Art and I found myself in the space where there are no boundaries, no time, no style, no beliefs or principles. Samuel G as born in Armenia and now resides in New England. Original purchase price $4,500.00. Good condition.

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Dimensions 24 × 44 in
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Chestnut Hill MA Complimentary Curbside Loading on Saturday May 22nd


Stunning in Chestnut Hill!

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