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Comic Blunder

It’s a common story when real life treasures are found in the trash but this one takes the punch/pow/zoink! Rare first edition comic books are destroyed inadvertently.

Andrew Vickers created the sculpture “Paperboy” from a found box of discarded comic books. Vickers said he found the box years ago in the trash and he had no intention to use them until he learned of an art show. The comics became inspiration and layered material for his life size sculpture.

A comic book expert, Steve Eyre, attended the art opening and was shocked to discover the cover of “The Avengers” number 1 on the inside of the sculpture’s right leg. “Paperboy” was found to be constructed from a number of rare comic books. Eyre estimated the value of the collection to be somewhere over $20,000, that is, BEFORE Vickers used it as paper mache. The artist made headlines, here’s the story, but probably not the press he had hoped for.

We share this story to reiterate how important it is to hire the right estate sale company. Vicker’s said ‘They don’t generally throw things out that are worth anything.’ The truth is that treasure can masquerade as trash.

Often there is no great reveal, as the comic books had in Vicker’s story, as the treasure was never saved from it’s fate in the landfill. Even if the item steers clear of the dumpster the value, if unknown, is lost to educated buyers buying to turn a large profit.

We work with appraisers who specialize in rugs, jewelry, furniture, books, art and clothing because we find the treasure BEFORE we open the doors to the public. Utilizing these these hidden treasures will increase draw, attendance and the gross proceeds at your sale event. It is our commitment to our clients to leave no stone unturned. It is our commitment to our shoppers to transfer the knowledge learned so that value is retained and history is not lost and

Give us a call before you begin to declutter, downsize and donate! When you hire Hunt Estate Sales you get a guardian, someone to protect and preserve your investment, for your heirlooms.

While we’re talking comics here’s a shot of two cash wielding collectors purchasing a lot of comics Hunt Estate Sales found in a Somerville attic. The lot drew buyers nationwide as it included Green Lantern Number 1.

Green Lantern Number 1

Happy Hunting! 

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  • Lynn McSweeney says:

    Now THAT is how to write an interesting, informative article that also serves as excellent p.r.! Well done!