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Time Capsule in Dover! Open to the Public, One Day ONLY! 2/25 from 10 AM to 2 PM!


Friday, February 17 @ 10:00am


Saturday, February 25 @ 2:00pm
Time Capsule in Dover! Open to the Public, One Day ONLY! 2/25 from 10 AM to 2 PM!

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Design trends come and go, this home, nestled in the woods of Dover has stayed the same. Step back into a time capsule that was created by an artist and an engineer; it celebrates form and function, primitives to Danish Modern, and MORE! Last call! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! One day ONLY! 2/25 from 10 AM to 2 PM!
7 Raleigh Rd
Dover, MA 02030

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Saturday, February 25 @ 10:00am -
Saturday, February 25 @ 2:00pm

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Dover, MA 02030

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Time Capsule in Dover is a collection of modern conveniences but none are new! Featuring art, German silver, estate jewelry, Danish modern furniture, woven rugs, fine china and a collection of stoneware crocks. 

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! One day ONLY! 2/25, from 10AM to 2pM.

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The only modern collection is one of John L. Traynor.

John is a skillful painter of every genre: landscape, still life and portraiture, he has a unique blend of realism and atmospheric impressionion. He does well with dappling light, glistening fruit, fresh flowers and at auction. Any one of these pieces will hang well on your wall as art and as an investment.

Additional art includes: 

A Postmodern bronze, Reclining Nude, by Fridolin Huber.

Anne Youkeles, known for her Op Art paper works that incorporate elements of sculpture.


The only furniture is Danish modern, featuring including wall mounted units, tambour doors and warm teak.

Designers include Bernhard Pedersen & Son, Hans Olsen for CS Mobler, Poul Hundevad Carlo Jensen and Russell Woodard. 

Addtional mid century finds include: 

Niels Refsgaard for Dansk Designs stoneware, to Elle Keramikk Studio Pottery, vintage cast iron ennamel from Descoware, pieces from the Lunning Collection, Kristian Vedel's melamine pots and trays, and a rare Swedish cased glass lamp by Laurel.

Heirloom tablescapes with enough placesettings for a party:  190 piece German 800 silver flatware, Wedgwood in Edme, and Chinese Teal

For her to wear to that party:  Fine jewelry featuring an 18K yellow and white gold Chimento heart pendant and chain necklace, vintage scarves featuring, Hermès "Le Tigre Royal" Silk Scarf by Christiane Vauzelles, Yves St Laurent and Pucci.

For him: Vintage designer ties, Fendi, Yves St Laurent and a 14K yellow gold heavy chain bracelet.

What's that you say, the party needs some good tunes? Turn up that vintage stereo system, including aTechnics turntable, or let the Barbie Game: Queen Of The Prom, 1961, get the conversation started!

In addition there are objects that are a little less familar, less branded, more odd: 

Did you think this was a Chinese pottery planter? Nope, it carried and stored Black Eggs, a delicacy.

Did you think this was Weller? Nope, be enchanted by this Norica German Art Nouveau pottery jardiniere plant stand

Could you imagine this on your roof? This warrior riding a monkey with peach by K. Y. Lin, Taiwan's world class Temple Art restorer is from his series of Mythical Figures inspired by the tiles that grace the roofs of China's ancient Temples and Palaces.

And what do you think traveled in these stoneware crocks and jugs? Old Savanna hospitalty? Lol! Find some local history, Boston's Fulton street was once door to door warehouses and packing companies, including James O Dear Co. or find a new way to water your chickens Overall The Park & Pollard Co, Boston Chicken Waterer.

Welcome to a metlting pot of styles that trancends the time space continum, welcome to a Time Capsule in Dover! 

Happy Hunting, 

Maggie and Jim

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