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The Scholar’s Study in Jamaica Plain!


Friday, April 29 @ 10:00am


Friday, May 13 @ 2:00pm
The Scholar’s Study in Jamaica Plain!

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The Hunt Continues with The Scholar's Study in Jamaica Plain! Welcome to the home of an aspiring scholar, a doctor of sociology, versed in Cuban culture, with a keen interest in music, meditation, the arts and collecting.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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Saturday, May 14 @ 9:00am -
Saturday, May 14 @ 4:00pm

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Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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Welcome to an amalgamation of experiences and influences - a collection of timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism. This is not a metaphor, The Scholar's Study, is derived from the concentration and practice of an integral part of Cuban society, Santeria.

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Santeria rituals feature drumming and dancing, not just for entertainment, but to as a tool to communicate with the Gods.

The Scholar's Study hosts an expansive collection of percussion, drums and instruments PLUS stacks of Afro-Cuban vinyl records! 

Highlights of the drum collection: 

Bata drums, the sacred instrument of Santeria, featuring the LP Fibreglass Bata Etotale and LP Fibreglass Bata Okonkolo. These are examples of some of the first bata drums sold by LP. These oversized models are rare and players love the sound.

Valje Bongo by LP

The legendary JCR Percussion Cha-Cha Bell

Matador Quinto Conga

Valje Style Gon Bops Bongo

63rd Street Percussion Cajon Tumba and Cajon Segundo

A collection of decorated Doumbeks, the leader of percussion instruments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Highlights of the woodwind collection include vintage saxophones and clarinets, featuring makers Conn, Selmer and Buescher.

The standout woodwind is the unique King Saxello soprano saxophone; with a half turned bell and a curved top. 

Yanagisawa Curved Soprano Saxophone

American Artist 46M Tenor Saxophone

Conn Chu Berry Soprano Saxophone

Buescher Silver Plated Soprano Saxophone

A Tarogato, commonly used in both Hungarian and Romanian folk music.

AND MORE instruments!

Antique Fretless Five String Banjo with "Union Forever" hardware

A Kawai K Series Professional Upright Piano, admired by schools, teachers, parents and students for their outstanding tone. 

Afro-Cuban and Jazz vinyl records, vintage turntables and the rare Onkyo Integra Stereo Cassette Player, TA-2047. 

The Scholar's Study also draws inspiration from Santaria ceremonies of the Babalú-Ayé who reads rocks to offer direction from the heavens to followers.

Featuring a collection of Gongshi, or spirit stones. The fascination of these stones is centuries old and has been integral to Chinese visual arts. Commonly referred to Scholar's Rocks these fantastically-shaped stones, collected from river beds, are celebrated for their textured surface, cavities, asymmetry, and, in short, the beauty of their ugliness.

The Scholar's Study hosts an incredible alter to art, floor to ceiling and every shelf, of every culture, medium and vintage.

A collection of Ruth Platner paintings. Ruth Platner was a Holocaust survivor born in Hamburg, Germany who emigrated to Wisconsin after the war. She was a teacher as well as an accomplished painter and sculptor.

A collection of Japanese Woodblock prints featuring Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797-1858) and Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese, 1797-1861)


Primitives including a 19th century pie safe, stepback cupboard and possum belly bakers table.

Men's clothing and accessories including rugged bags for travel and everyday from Filson.

Patio furniture, garden statuary and and Ariens snow blower.

Welcome to The Scholar's Study in Jamaica Plain; a collection that is equal parts academic, intellectual and spiritual.

Happy hunting,

Maggie and Jim

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