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The Eye of the Beholder!


Friday, September 22 @ 9:00am


Friday, October 6 @ 5:00pm
The Eye of the Beholder!

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This outstanding collection delivers a dramatic performance depicting a world that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality: an amalgamation that we're honored to represent! Welcome to The Eye of the Beholder!
Boston, MA

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Saturday, October 7 @ 10:00am -
Saturday, October 7 @ 2:00pm

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Michael's Movers, Allston MA

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This outstanding collection delivers a dramatic performance depicting a world that blurs the lines between magic and reality: an amalgamation that we're honored to represent. Welcome to the Eye of the Beholder!

Welcome to the Eye of the Beholder!


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Let the show begin! The first act you get to meet the fantastic characters!

This Jack Russel portrait, oil on canvas, by Francois Bard (French, born 1959) is monumental, in scale - 58" x 76" - and in notoriety.

Bard paints the most innocuous subjects, and transforms them into powerful metaphors. 

Meet Rex, he likes to dig, let's see what he discovers...

White Peonies by Jacques Martin-Ferrières (French, 1893-1972). In his lifetime his works had sold for as much as $72,000.00, but since his death, he has been quite unfairly forgotten.

TAKI 183: the father of contemporary graffiti.

Gianni Versace's legacy for the table in its marriage with Rosenthal. Versace Medusa dinnerware is a pattern worthy of the most opulent feast.

John Paul Fauves is a contemporary Artist from Costa Rica. MiQueen represents his signature style, a fusion of cultural icons and characters, here Mickey Mouse and the Queen.

A 750 German silver chalice engraved, "To Our Much Loved Crown Prince Ernst, Sept 21st 1867". Don't tell him he was was deprived of the thrones of Hanover upon its annexation by Prussia in 1866.

The second act is a revolution of graffiti, faceless icons, and super heroes.

POW! The moment where the art of urban graffiti phenomena, from NYC to Toyoko, is the message itself.

Cope2 (born 1968) known as the "ambassador" of New York graffiti.

Robert Provenzano, professionally known as CES, a NYC leader of the streamlined and aerodynamic ‘wildstyleʼ. His innovations have influenced an entire generation in the United States and abroad.

Dean Stockton (British, born 1978), aka D*Face, creates pieces that satirize popular culture with his dysfunctional family of characters, including Superman. A version of this work is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Campbell La Pun (New Zealand, born 1983), Coke Pop 3, 2017. La Pun draws inspiration from Toyoko, the bustling metropolis constantly bombarded him with advertising, pop culture imagery, a dense population, and a cutting-edge economy.

Maxim Fomenko (Russian but lives and works in Germany, born 1981). His faceless paintings, often interpretations of the masterpieces of his idols, Picasso, Titian or Rembrandt, created from perfect craftsmanship and a great deal of humor.

The final act is where we realize the inspiration for this collection comes from the classics. Welcome to Eye of the Beholder!

Featuring fascinating and scarce maps from the birth of the United States in Boston during the Revolutionary war. 

A Plan of Boston and Charlestown, from a Drawing made in 1771, Town and Country Magazine.  The Plan of Boston is based on a 1771 drawing of the city just after the Boston Massacre of 1770. This would have been one of the earliest maps to inform the British public regarding the theater or war around Boston, at at time when Boston was still actively under Siege by the British.

One of the earliest obtainable maps relating to the Revolution. Map of the Environs of Boston, Drawn at Boston in June 1775. J. Almon (publisher). London; August 28, 1775. This map is based on an original, drawn in June 1775, probably only days before the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Arabesques with Vase and Birds by Etienne De Lavallée-Poussin (French, 1735-1802)

Arabesques with Vase and Birds by Etienne De Lavallée-Poussin (French, 1735-1802)  Preparatory drawing for an engraving included in a published collection of arabesques by Lavallee Poussin.

Old Master Drawing, The Adoration of the Shepherds 

Albert Malet (French, 1905-1986) A highly talented man,  Malet was also a meteorologist, a botanist, an astronomist and had a great knowledge of precious metals and prehistoric fossils.


Welcome to the Eye of the Beholder!

Happy hunting,

Maggie and Jim

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