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South End Mecca: Five Floors of Design!


Friday, August 4 @ 9:00am


Friday, August 18 @ 5:00pm
South End Mecca: Five Floors of Design!

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Join us on an exhilarating journey as we unravel the treasures of a real-life explorer: his South End home hosts a FIVE FLOOR historic estate including a time capsule of Boston's original design guides to today's hottest trends!
South End, Boston

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Saturday, August 19 @ 10:00am -
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South End, Boston

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This South End home hosts a MECCA, five floor historic estate, including a time capsule of Boston's original design guides to today's hottest trends.

This unforgettable estate features exceptional pieces, sourced from Cambridge's Design Research (D/R), including Marimekko and Knoll, to antiques, art and remarkable finds in cast iron to Legos and MORE!

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This South End man found his career path within Design Research (D/R) - the most influential force in twentieth-century America in creating an awareness and appreciation for modern design in the consumer world.

The marvelous Design Reseach building in Cambridge was conceived as a five-story glass showcase, while our journey begins within a South End Brownstone.

BOTH feature a display that became part of the architecture.

We welcome you to this Mecca where FIVE FLOORS feature exceptional design pieces, a haven for the rare, one of a kind, for enthusiasts of stuff, oddities, unique treasures and MORE!

From the first floor, an 1889, 85 key, 6' Steinway piano in an ebonized finish.

This piece had a near complete rebuild, including the soundboard, pin block, hammers, shanks, whipper and keys, and it sounds FABULOUS!

To the roof deck featuring the 1966 Collection by Richard Schultz for Knoll, it was the first outdoor furniture that enthusiasts of modern design could say, "this is a breath of fresh air."

Additional highlights between floors include:

Frank Lloyd Wright's last figurative sculptural works, The Nakomis and The Nakoma.

These represent two figures from Winnebago tribal culture. The Nakomis figure, with its masculine, angular geometry, teaches his son to shoot an arrow. The Nakoma figure with children and organic curves, is carrying a vessel that is as rounded as their heads. Cast from the original plaster models sculpted by Frank Lloyd Wright. Produced in 1929-1930 by Charles L. Morgan.

Like the Bauhaus for the BIRDS - this replica of The Farnsworth House, designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006, and has a hinged door on the roof for birdseed.

Jack Lenor Larsen, a celebrated and influential American mid-century modern textile designer, his bentwood barrel back armchair, is eloquently accentuated by graduated spindles and it sits on a nearly mirror image base.

Nine arm gilded bronze French candelabra with flowering grape vines.

Vintage Alvar Aalto Table Desk

Victorian Cast Iron Roof Cresting Fencing


This home mirrors Design Research's idea of a lifestyle store and carries an eclectic selection of products including the Finnish clothing and textiles of Marimekko.

Marimekko clothes and textiles, were added to the D/R inventory in 1959 and had a significance that cannot be overemphasized.

Marimekko products not only yielded the largest percentage of the D/R business’ profits for many years, but patrons also became accustomed to being greeted at the store by friendly, attractive young women wearing brightly colored, comfortable Marimekko dresses.

Find a collection of vintage Marimekko fabric, in bolts of cotton or PVC, and men's button up shirts to women's dresses.

Additional finds include:

Design Research Store Display Oversized Striped Button Up Shirt big enough to fit two people, big enough to hang from a flagpole, with story to match!

This Marimekko Piccolo print shirt called Jokapoika was the first piece of Marimekko menswear to hit the stores and the streets in D/R 1950's and this custom-made oversized button front shirt hung when Design Research was honored in a 2000 retrospection in Harvard Sq.

Vintage Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines 6440 with Attachments

Vintage equestrian to Sami Reindeer hide boots.

A collection of bags from Marimekko to Gucci.

Welcome to THE explorer's collection of treasures! He didn't approach his home in a conventional way at all - he took the whole idea and translated it into this Mecca!

Additional highlights here prove modernism and good design are at peace with knock out antiques and hidden gems we unearthed!

Portrait of Boy and Girl, Kyra Markham (American, 1891-1967), Oil on Canvas, circa 1930.

This portrait highlights the blondness of the children's hair alongside their offset glances.

Vintage Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Hohner German Harmonica in Box

Large Folk Tramp Art

19th Century American Wooden Trompe l'Oeil Panel from a Horse-Drawn Hearse

1960s Hornsea Pottery Pharmacy Poison Mugs

Vintage Antonio Vitali wooden toys to an Original Pee Wee Herman action figure


Happy hunting,

Maggie and Jim

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