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On Your Mark, Get Ready: Set the Table!


Friday, August 26 @ 10:00am


Friday, September 9 @ 5:00pm
On Your Mark, Get Ready: Set the Table!

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The Hunt Continues with On Your Mark, Get Ready: Set the Table! Let us help you find the desire and the tableware to make every meal more festive! Follow today's hottest trend in table setting with this collection of heritage brands and retro collectibles!
Allston, MA 02134

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Saturday, September 10 @ 10:00am -
Saturday, September 10 @ 2:00pm

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Allston, MA 02134, at our partners Michael's Movers

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When it comes to dinnerware the time has come to add different pieces at each course, mix and match whatever you own and add cookie trays, nut dishes, centerpiece bowls and toothpick holders because when you make every meal an occasion you don't have to wait for one! 

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Featuring opulent florals from turn of the century to the 1980's including multiple sets of Schumann Empress Dresden Flowers and Bill Goldsmith Limoges.

Schuman's Empress Dresden Flowers pattern is based on a pattern that originated with Meissen, who called it "German flowers," or "Deutsche Blumen." This pattern was first made in the early to mid 1700's.

Bill Goldsmith, who was the first American design director of a French Limoges factory, calls his collections "modern traditional.” He advises his buyers to mix his china, with large floral patterns with magnificent detail and coloring (called Victoria, Narcissus, Alice) with whatever they own.

Featuring a collection of crystal from RARE Edinburgh Thistle cut crystal, to Waterford stemware, to American brilliant cut and pressed glass vases, centerpiece bowls and candlesticks. 

So, why is Edinburgh crystal so rare and so expensive?! Oddly enough it's due to Waterford. Yes, a story is brewing! Edinburgh Crystal, founded in 1867, was one of the kings of glass making. When the company was taken over by Waterford Crystal the factory in Scotland was closed and the Edinburgh product was made in Waterford factories. In 2009 when Waterford was bought by a NY based equity company who the Edinburgh brand and patterns ceased to be produced.

Additional items include a retro collection of Milk Glass, Hall Pottery and MORE!

Featuring a rainbow assortment of pitchers, vases, candle holders and refrigerators containers, yes, if you can believe it there was something, something more sustainable and attractive, before Tupperware!

Gasp! NO, don't gasp, grab a vintage pitcher and fill it with lemonade (and vodka) and after you serve it at your next gathering, don't thank me, thank, On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set the Table!

Happy Hunting,

Maggie and Jim

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