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If These Walls Could Talk!


Wednesday, June 14 @ 12:00pm


Friday, June 23 @ 5:00pm
If These Walls Could Talk!

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If these walls could talk, they would sing! They would sing of two lives joined in celebration of the arts, music, entertaining, life, the past and the future.
Brookline, MA

Complimentary Curbside Loading:

Saturday, June 24 @ 10:00am -
Saturday, June 24 @ 2:00pm

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At Our Partner's Michael's Movers in Allston, MA

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Welcome to a historic Brookline home, that was lucky enough to be occupied by a couple of magnitude: every moment they lived was to the fullest. If these walls could talk, they would sing. They would sing of two lives joined in celebration of the arts, music, entertaining, life, the past and the future. #happyhunting

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A Celebration of Art!

Featured artists include:

Penelope Jencks. This unique, terracotta sculpture, c 1970, was exhibited at Boston University in the artist's retrospective "Penelope Jenks" (March 4 - April 2, 2006).

Jencks is an American sculptor and a graduate of BU. Her public works include a statue of Samuel Eliot Morison on Com. Ave. in Boston and the Robert Frost Sculpture at Amherst College.

Philip Pearlstein, Girl on Empire Sofa, lithograph. Pearlstein "an artist whose coolly observed nudes, reclaimed the naked human body for painting, and found a persuasive modern idiom for the portrait genre..." - New York Times

Reginald Marsh's Dance Marathon, c 1931. Marsh did not plan to be a painter, and after graduation from Yale in 1920, he moved to New York to become an illustrator. He got a job doing cartoon reviews of vaudeville and burlesque shows for the New York Daily News and in 1925, when the New Yorker was founded, Marsh was one of its original contributors.

Spotted-Tail, Sioux by Leonard Baskin, American, 1922-2000, 1993. Leonard Baskin was an American sculptor, draughtsman and graphic artist, as well as founder of the Gehenna Press (1942–2000). One of America's first fine arts presses, it went on to become "one of the most important and comprehensive art presses of the world", often featuring the work of celebrated poets, such as Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Anthony Hecht, and James Baldwin side by side with Baskin's bold, stark, energetic and often dramatic black-and-white prints.

A Celebration of Life!

Additional items include: 

More art! Including unique expressions of men chests and men with cats.

Art glass from Robert Burch, Josh Simpson and Kosta Boda. 

One of the main techniques that Burch uses is allowing the different viscosities of the glass to interact, creating designs that are reminiscent of organic patterns and forms.

Vintage "Moonlanding" Collection Vase by Monica Backstrom for Kosta Boda

African and Inuit Art

A collection of estate jewelry including gold, sterling and signed pieces. 

A Celebration of the Past and the Future!

Antique and vintage pieces include: 

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Porcelain Dinnerware

A collection of Antique Henriot Quimper French Faience pieces and salt glaze crocks and jugs

Neoclassical Empire Gilt Wood Mirror

Stangl Pottery Blue Newport, Eighteen Piece Set

Modern pieces from standout makers: 

The Puzzle Table by David Levey Creations

Five Piece Teak Patio Set from Gloster

Handcrafted Five Piece Bookshelf Bookcase with Storage

Villeroy and Boch, Gien, Ralph Lauren, Bernardaud Limoges and Christian Dior.


Rare Bruce R Macdonald BRM Zoomee Teaship Teapot

Welcome to If These Walls Could Talk! 

Happy hunting, 

Maggie and Jim

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