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Empower your Space in Brookline!


Friday, December 23 @ 10:00am


Friday, January 6 @ 5:00pm
Empower your Space in Brookline!

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The Hunt Continues with Empower Your Space in Brookline! What you see here is the collection of a power couple, part business and part creative, who were enlightened by art, from the simple to the fantastic, and entertaining, or, rather taking an active role in their experiences, contributions and work.
Brookline, MA 02445

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Saturday, January 7 @ 10:00am -
Saturday, January 7 @ 2:00pm

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Allston, MA at our partners Michael’s Movers (address will be issued after the completion of your transaction)

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Find a collection of the finer things in life, including art, sterling and collectibles, plus the inspiration to trust the power of the object, and be impassioned by it!

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If power is the theme of this collection we should start the tour with the women of the house. 

Featuring sculptor and celebrated feminist, Ella Tulin. Her art underscores the strength, beauty, joy and, yes, power, of women. Reyna, bronze standing figure, speaks volumes with her stance, and The Dream, kneeling figure, looks like she's ready to whisper to you how fantastic YOU are.

Then, check out this zaftig bronze beauty, Peach And Pear, from Esther Shimazu. Shimazu says, "someone has to make irreverent overweight, detailed Asian nudes, so why not me"! Her works command a lot of attention at action, and will too in your home.

Toni Putnam, metal artist, co-founded Tallix, Inc. an art foundry in Beacon, New York, creates fantastical pieces like Cosmic Bench and Conjuring Mercury.

Melissa Zink speaks honestly as she describes her journey to becoming an artist later in life, “It’s like you're walking around with this enormous suitcase full of magic and you are never allowed to open it, because the rules say that the things in that suitcase are not worthy of artistic consideration". Zink (1932-2009), an accomplished and listed artist, created a diorama to accompany interchangeable art cards.

Frederick Hart's "Grace of Motion" from the U.S. Olympic Collection depicts two female nudes in high relief in a frosted finish and a ghost-like female form captured inside the acrylic block.

Additional art features

Jason Berger (1924-2010) a Boston landscape painter, connected to Boston Expressionism, San Fernando, and a piece titled Boston by his son, Adam Berger.

Bill Heise (1943-2011), folk art. Heise had a knack for turning discarded iron and steel from scrap yards, farms and old railroads turned into ethereal sculptures with graceful lines and distinct personalities.

Vintage clothing and accessories featuring:

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Anne Klein, Armani! 

Fine sterling pieces from around the world, including Japanese Iris Form silver candelabra, circe 1910, a large Mexican sterling silver tray by Ignacio Vigueras Plateria

Name brands you LOVE: 

Joseph Van Benton, now retired, his reign on the Boston area will be missed!

Theodore Alexander, Maitland Smith

Steuben, Nambe, Stiffel and Orrefors

Ginori, Gein, Herend, Waterford

Kitchenware from Crate and Barrel, Le Creuset, Pottery Barn

Things you've never dreamed of owning but NEED: 

Replicated in a stunning size, this cast metal island dweller, The Komodo dragon the largest living species of lizard, stretches more than six feet long from head to tail.

Vintage Hand Carved Pig Charcuterie Board


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We're grateful to be a part of your journey just as much as you are a part of ours! We share an untamable quest for the wild, unique, the useful, the pre-loved. Thank you for inviting us into your hearts, and your home. Together we turn the past into the future! THANK YOU!

Well wishes during this holiday season and the happiest of New Years to you and your family, our loyal followers, our new friends and anyone else who read this far, lol.

Happy Hunting, 

Maggie and Jim

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