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Legacy Event in Cambridge! SHOP NOW at HuntEstateSales.com! #happyhunting

March 19 @ 8:00 am - April 2 @ 5:00 pm

Hunt Estate Sales Legacy Event in Cambridge is the collection of a born genius with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an avid champion of the arts. While pioneering the biophysics department at Harvard University, he also amassed an incredible collection of art and sculpture ranging from 19th Century pieces to modern American art and sculpture.

The Hunt continues VIRTUALLY! 


Shop NOW ONLINE! Sale ends: April, 2nd at 5:00 PM.

Complimentary Curbside Loading: Saturday, April 3rd, from 9 AM to 3 PM

Curbside Pick Up Location: Cambridge, MA

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This collection will be released in two phases. Phase one is now LIVE on HuntEstateSales.com. The second phase, which will be released in April, highlights a collection of art and sculptures that had been generously loaned to Harvard University.  

Our Renaissance man got his start at Princeton University where his interest in science and art took firm root, focusing his studies in chemistry while being mentored by the great American photographer Alfred Stieglitz. This young student’s first paintings were said to be purchased through Stieglitz.

It is important to honor all the branches of this prestigious collection to understand the pieces we’re offering for sale. Picasso’s Fernande Olivier portrait plus other important pieces are now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; many additional pieces will reside in the Fogg Art Museum. Yes, that’s a Kenneth Noland behind that sofa. You can see those museum quality pieces at the museum  – what’s below you can add to your personal curated collection. 

Highlights from the first phase of our Legacy Event include:

1930’s photographs including subjects like the now shuttered Pittsburgh Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant, the 1933 World’s Fair, as well as collegiate classrooms, theater groups, and portrait and still life photography.

The Bather, or Baigneuse Nue A Mi-Jambes, by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Putting on Tights, by Dame Laura Knight. 

Throughout the history of art, women have long been the subject, but Dame Laura Knight, who portrayed women without prejudice, paved the way for greater status and recognition for women artists. In 1929 she was created a Dame, and in 1936 became the first woman elected to full membership of the Royal Academy.

A collection of pieces from Jerald Webster and Lucy Baker. Jerald Webster and Lucy Baker are two of the most significant founding members of the New New Painters. 

The New New Painters was originally a group of 12 artists who came together in the late 1970s influenced by both Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting and fueled by the introduction of new acrylic paints and gels. Their work is almost exclusively abstract with a concentration and interest in form and color. Dr. Kenworth Moffett, the first curator of modern and contemporary art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts championed the group from the very start, organizing an exhibition of their work in Paris in 1994.

Two monumental abstract paintings from listed New York artist Mark Raush. Untitled, 1985, with deep slashes across a body of salmon painted canvas and Water Drum, 1981.

Our staff’s pick is the oddly engaging Mid Century surrealist twofer, an earlier work is painted on the verso, from Scottish artist Colin Thoms. Colin Thoms’ pictures incorporate elements from his own personal iconography with Miro-esque shapes. Thoms died in 1997 and leaves behind a unique body of work which continues to gain more recognition with each passing year.

This couple’s avocation of collecting flourished into more than just art.

Featuring something of mid-century royalty: The Pagode Sofa by Edvard and Tove Kindt-Larsen

The Pagode sofa was designed by the husband and wife team, Edvard and Tove Kindt-Larsen, and manufactured by Thorald Mansen. It made its debut at The Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in 1956. The importance of this partnership holds a unique chapter in Danish design history. Not only were they designers themselves but Edvard was the head of the exhibition in an influential time, both organizing and contributing greatly to the Danish design tradition we recognize today.

In addition there is a spectrum of both high-end and project mid century pieces. The office furniture is notable including two Aksel Bender Madsen and Ejner Larsen desks and a leather seat armchair all produced by cabinetmaker Willy Beck.

Mid century in miniature too!

This biophysicist knew many of the major figures of the day in science and art alike and he and his wife were gracious hosts to all- while this historic Cambridge home was host to all the essential accoutrements of hospitality. 

Featuring classic enameled cookware, Griswold cast iron, cases of vintage Libby glass and collections of restaurant ware.


In addition this collection features a healthy library from classic children’s books to rare and collectible editions.

Another staff’s favorite is the Antique Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus. In 1903, Albert Schoenhut debuted his Humpty Dumpty clown toy. This toy was so successful that within a year he had a complete line of circus toys: The Humpty Dumpty Toy Circus. At the turn of the century people weren’t exposed to the exotic very often, that is, until the circus came to town. The arrival of a circus meant that the entire town would shut down, school and work postponed, and everyone flocked to the street for a literal parade of the unusual, the fanciful and the amazing.

It’s fitting because this set is part of a unusual, fanciful and amazing collection – Hunt Estate Sales welcomes you to our Legacy Event, we hope it both inspires and enriches your collection. 


Don’t forget! The second phase will highlight a collection of art and sculptures that had been generously loaned to Harvard University, check it out in April!

Welcome to another VIRTUAL EVENT from Hunt Estate Sales. Shop NOW ONLINE, click HERE for the full collection.

Happy hunting,

Maggie and Jim


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