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Art and Design in Cambridge! Virtual Event! Point, Click and Buy NOW! #happyhunting

November 14, 2020 @ 12:00 am - December 4, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Welcome to Art and Design in Cambridge!

Welcome to a virtual art and design exhibition assembled by benefactors who engaged in a lifetime of supporting the arts – featuring modern art, sculpture, photography and designer furniture.

Sale Dates, this is a VIRTUAL EVENT: Friday, 11/13, to Friday, 12/4, at 5 PM.

Complementary Curbside Loading: Saturday, 12/5 from 10 AM to 2 PM *alternate dates available at request*

Location: Cambridge, MA **the address will be issued after the completion of your transaction

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From many different perspectives this collection offers self expression, delight, a commemoration of what we hold special and a commentary making us think more on a subject that we usually might have not paid much attention to.

Diving into Klingbiel’s multi-layered work is a complexity that is ambiguous and at the same time trying not to be ambiguous. He’s represented by Christian Maybaum’s, a top Bay Area art dealer, and his pieces command a high ticket price.

Many of Klingbiel’s works are titled after classic compositions. “The Cranes of Ibycus”, 2010, encaustic and mixed media on board, pays homage to poet Friedrich Schiller:

“Behold the cranes of Ibycus!”
And suddenly the sky is dark’ning,
And o’er the theater away,
One sees, within a blackish swarming,
A host of cranes pass on its way.”

Underneath the Klindbiel is a two seat Chesterfield rolled arm sofa in cognac top grain leather from Hancock and Moore and underneath the stitching you’ll find a tradition of hand-built quality and pride in craftsmanship that ensures a statement of self-expression will last for generations to come. 

For more than five decades, Sharon Brant has produced conceptually and aesthetically rigorous works that are relentlessly sparse. Brant’s new paintings present a striking visual clarity intended to center the mind and achieve emotional tranquility in the viewer.

Remarkably little is known about the creator of “My Universe’s Heartbeat”, Sol Zapatero. This piece was purchased from the artist’s studio in Seville, Spain. It’s born for visual enjoyment, a woman’s lower abdomen and crossed legs,  in candy apple red enamel coated steel. It floats on a Lucite stand, which is included in the purchase price.

Edouard-Henri Girardet paints a distantly similar homage to women with his Civil War era portrait of a young woman. The Swiss artist, 1819-1880, offers a commemoration of the coming of age in this hauntingly beautiful portrait. Girardet’s works are part of the Harvard Museum’s permanent collection.

If you’re into classics check out the timeless quality and outstanding style of the furniture; it’s a fair fight between the Italian, America, French or artisan made. Featuring Matteo Grassi, Knoll, Christian Liaigre and more.

If you’re into something other worldly check out Michael Light’s photography. Light was hired by NASA in the late 1960s to develop photography techniques for the Apollo missions, yielding images of both great scientific value and reverential allusion to the history of landscape imagery.

Speaking of photography you can’t get cooler than this Dennis Hopper’s portrait of Wallace “Wally” Berman (1926 – 1976) on a Triumph motorcycle. Dennis Hopper’s career in Hollywood was marked by periods of both success and rejection—in the early 1960’s, he turned to photography after he was blacklisted by the director Henry Hathaway.  His notable photographic works include portraits of Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Fonda, and Andy Warhol, as well as images taken during the Civil Rights March in Selma. Berman is an American experimental filmmaker, assemblage and collage artist and a crucial figure in the history of post-war California art.

Robert Kuo furniture is the epitome of how art and design overlap. Kuo is best known as an artist and creator of exquisite objects impeccably executed using methods and techniques that date back many centuries. His collectors are worldwide from the National History Museum in Taipei to exclusive hotels like the Singapore Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco’s Hotel Palomar, Las Vegas MGM Grand Villas,  New York Four Seasons and our clients. This collection features three hand repoussé copper rain drum accent tables.

Ugandan artist Collin Sekajugo’s work illustrates as well as typifies a need for social change. Sekajugo was named the recipient of the Human Rights Award, 2019. Nicholas Opiyo, the executive director of Chapter Four Uganda, says that his painting has become a symbol of the struggle against oppression and human rights violation.

And if the design is visually striking, then it may also be considered art: Thanksgiving Brand Canned Tomatoes label, circa 1920, with embossed printing with gilt lettering.

Our collection Art and Design in Cambridge enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. Twyla Tharp said, “art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

We welcome you to Art and Design in Cambridge!

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Happy Hunting,

Maggie and Jim

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