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I feel like we’re in a literal Choose your Own Adventure book.

Do you remember the popular children’s series, where the reader, the protagonist, is faced with many options, different endings and finds their own path through the pages? As a kid, I meticulously paged through all the possible outcomes. 

As an adult, the plot has changed yet the directive remains the same, how do we get there from here? 

Lets start at the beginning. Hunt Estate Sales was my boyfriend’s idea. He told me he’d support me as I took the leap and then he was promptly laid off. We survived by selling everything we owned. Snow suits, track suits – everything.

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Hunt Estate Sales origin story, circa 2010.

I can’t say there were any fears because we were madly in love and had nothing to lose.

Also, we were cheap, talented and hardworking; a big benefit to any start-up.

After eight years, and now as husband and wife, we find ourselves pioneering a new market for the business we love.

At every opportunity, over each of those eight years, we encouraged, celebrated and even flaunted the gathering of crowds. We know many of your names, we know all of your faces and we miss you.

By February of 2020 we had built a viable business with a loyal following and a strong reputation. We thought we had “arrived” but so had a deadly pandemic.

After our last estate sale we unloaded the truck, organized our supplies and washed our table cloths instinctively trying to preserve the world as we knew it. 

Weeks passed. Slowly. Jim managed the frightening task of food shopping while I alternated between manically cleaning and obsessively staring at my phone. It became obvious that preservation was not the answer – there had to be a change right now.

Our event-based business, just as we all will, must learn a new route to be with, and relate to, each other. Since we can’t all be in the same room at the same time we’ll drive you to a new space, to a new way of reaching the same experience.

Next stop: CRAZY NEW SHIT!  Announcing the launch of our virtual estate sale platform.

We’ve forged a path, based on the experiential shopping you love, where the physical and digital world meet.

We can host MORE sales.

You can shop concurrent sales by category, location or event.

Featuring a MAKE AN OFFER button PLUS a secure payment portal and, as always, complementary loading with delivery or shipping options available.

We have a new outlook but our vision remains the same: to elevate the estate sale platform with a fresh approach and attention to detail while assisting our clients through major transitions and touting the importance of the second hand industry. 

You have followed us near, and far, now find Hunt Estate Sales conveniently online. Share with your friends or keep our treasure hunt to yourself;)

Do what you love with who you love. #happyhunting
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One Comment

  • Wendy W Campbell says:

    We miss you, too, Maggie and Jim!
    No more in-person hugs for a while . . . but we’re sending some virtually.
    Chuck & Wendy