Founded in 2016 by Sarah (Philadelphia, PA) and Cindy Hunt (Reading, PA), twin sister and mother of Maggie Hunt, founder of Hunt Estate Sales, Hunt Estate Sales PA is truly a family affair! Sarah brings to the table 10+ years of vintage and antiques retailing with a special emphasis on artful merchandising, as well as social media marketing and a broad working knowledge of fine art and antiques. Cindy, with nearly 30 years experience running her own small business - a real mom and pop record shop, is the truest embodiment of the term “people person”. Their love of unique, pre-loved stuff is trumped only by their desire to help their clients with the difficult task of parting with things.

Our clients’ satisfaction is the building block to our success. Every step of the process is conveyed including setup updates, post-sale counseling and clear sales reports. We offer to arrange the collection of donations, oversee the responsible disposal of refuse and broom clean services.

My mother was a hyper organized hoarder and in the years before she died, we were growing anxious about how we would deal with the mountain of stuff she had packed away over the years. When my brother found her, this anxiety came to a head as what we were facing sunk in. Imagine a three story house with a basement that had no more than three feet space to move in any direction. While there was plenty of stuff that needed to be tossed out, there were also scores of intricate and valuable items amidst the clutter. We contacted a couple of auction houses who weren't interested due to the lack of big ticket items. Someone mentioned that we needed someone who was versed in all sorts of ephemera across many subjects and could assess what was valuable and what wasn't and then sell what could be sold. Through various discussions we were referred to Hunt Estate Sales. We discussed our situation over the phone with them and agreed to meet in my mother’s house. From the start, they were extremely professional in their approach to my mother’s house and took care to make sure that my Mother’s belongings were given the respect we felt they deserved. They spent the better part of a month going through the house and uncovering an incredible collection of items that spanned multiple subjects and many generations. One item in particular comes to mind; in my mother’s vast Christmas collection they found a small reindeer that none of us would have given a second thought to. They informed us that one identical to it had recently sold for an incredible sum and they were able to sell it for close to that amount. This is a good example of what they bring to the table. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation for any situation given how amazing a job they did with my mother’s house, which was in their own words well beyond anything they had ever dealt with before.
R. WoodsOxford, PA
Hunt Estate Sales, Sarah and Cynthia Hunt, were incredibly wonderful. They were patient, generous with their knowledge and advice. They worked many hours before and during the sale. They priced things so that we felt we got a good price and the buyers felt they got a good value. The cleaned up, were respectful and within a week sent us a check and an itemized list of the sale results. Would I recommend them to my best friend? Absolutely!
P. & W. FinnLancaster, PA
As I searched for the right people to hold an estate sale for my vast global art collection, I came upon the photo of the Hunt mother and daughters, and was caught by the warmth of their smiles and happy faces. This was a difficult and pressured time in my life, for I had to sell quickly and put into storage the entirety of my belongings in readiness for a permanent move to the Southwest....The experience was an unexpected pleasure; not only did we sell quite a bit - we became friends.  I gained far more than I "lost" through this experience.  My treasures were "adopted" by the right collectors, and owner and buyers were equally delighted!  Get your "ducks in a row" and make an appointment with these businesswomen - they are terrific to work with, and will give you more than you were are hoping for.  
M. FeldmanNorth Wales, PA

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